Samy’s CinemaWorks, B2B Social Media Strategy

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Samy's CinemaWorks, B2B Social Media Strategy

Established in 1976, Samy’s Camera is one of the most iconic brands in Southern California. Parallel to its retail stores, Samy’s has a “pro” division that specializes in serving the movie industry: Samy’s CinemaWorks. The challenge was to create a different brand identity and branded content for social media. Every week over the course of three months we promoted a specific brand or product such as Canon, Nikon, Matthews and Westcott Lighting. The result: a noticeable increase in the number of followers and higher engagement on Facebook and Instagram.

Piemer, Social Media and Web Content

Piemer is an emerging online brand that specializes in women’s accessories created through 3D printing.

For this client, we focused on the experience of Piemer’s creator Pierina Merino.

As a first step, we edited a video piece for the main website and several versions of different durations for social media.

Later, we followed Merino to a photo shoot in which she acted as stylist; we created pieces of fast content with special emphasis on Instagram stories.