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A quick introduction: I am bilingual, Spanish-English, with deep roots in issues of Hispanic audiences in Southern California, Miami, New York, and Latin countries.

More: I shattered the glass ceiling by becoming the first female News Director of the national network Channel 12 in El Salvador, which allowed me to restructure the News Department and upgrade the news product. Since moving to Southern California I have turned my focus to public relations, social network content, and media relations.

Because I have worked in communications, journalism, media, and community relations, and have held most of the jobs falling within these functions, I know what is doable. I trust my reactions to unexpected occurrences and adjust effectively. From my career of more than 18 years, I have learned to read a room at a community meeting and to encourage questions from people silenced by fear. I help interviewees become themselves by forgetting the camera. As one interview subject claimed, "You could make the stones talk." Experience counts in delivering results, and always having a Plan B helps, too.

I bring my informed perspective to make a positive difference by amplifying voices of residents in our diverse communities and sharing their struggles to pursue a better life. For two educational institutions, I improved exposure among Hispanic audiences. As a Media Relations Specialist for Los Angeles Community College District and Public Information Officer for Compton Unified School District, I gained media coverage for programs and leaders that represent innovative approaches and young people who have triumphed over challenges. I am committed to using my capabilities to help organizations reach communities rich in diversity and long on needs of their people for education, jobs, and access to social support services.